The Cameroon students union Cottbus officially known by their German translated name “Kamerunischer Studenten Verein” (Short: KSV Cottbus e.V) is a registered Union of traditionally Cameroonian students studying at the Technical University Cottbus (East Germany) who reside in and around the city of Cottbus. The KSV Cottbus e.V became recognized in 2002 as a legal association but actually started in 2000 with a group of students from Cameroon. It pursues principally non-profit activities and seeks to portray the Cameroonian culture to fellow students at the University and to the inhabitants of Cottbus city.Over the years, our association has attracted the attention of other interested fellow students and members of the Cottbus community. Today the KSV Cottbus e.V is more or less a multicultural community of students and associates with interest towards Cameroon and Africa as whole. We have a diverse cultural group of members and associate members with 90 percent Cameroonians and a mixture of Germans, Kenyans, Tanzanians, Nigerians that make up the remainder.
Our objectives
Promotion of international attitude, tolerance in all areas of culture and international understanding Promotion of arts and culture Promotion of education, adult and vocational education including student aid Promotion of development cooperation
Our duties and responsibilities
Organization of different cultural activities in and around the University
Participation in different cultural events
Organization of seminars, workshops, coaching and presentations
Designing and executing micro-projects in Cameroon/Africa and Germany
Working together with other non-profit organizations (StuRa BTU, Grassland Berlin, The Studyroom Project etc.)
Information, consultation and advice for prospective and present students from Africa and association members
Creating and maintenance of a discussion forum to provide a discussion platform for members and associates.
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