The Union

The Cameroon Students Union Cottbus is a registered association with the local District Court in the city of Cottbus. It is officially recognized as the “Kamerunischer Studenten Verein Cottbus e.V (Short: KSV Cottbus e.V)”. All legal expectations of the Union are to be respected.


The KSV structure is traditionally based on a bicameral model according to our constitution (Art. III, 2003). However, a unified decision by the EXCO 2010-2011 established a third section to the structure to contain committees.

Union Address

KSV Cottbus e.V
Erich-Weinert-Str. 2
03046 Cottbus


Registration Number (VR): 1750
– District Court (Amtsgericht) Cottbus

Tax Number (Steuernummer): 056/142/08521
– Taxation Office (Finanzamt) Cottbus

Chairman/President: Renee

Union Bank Account
KSV Cottbus e.V
Account: 3212101015
Bank Code: 180 500 00
Bank: Sparkasse Spree-Neiße

For International
IBAN: DE70 1805 0000 3212 1010 15

Property Rights

The KSV Cottbus e.V has sole rights to its properties (e.g Logo, Name, Domain name etc.). Legal measures will be strictly taken against any individual, group of individuals and/or groups of individuals who misuse the Name, Address, Logo, e-Group and/or Website of the Union.


The sending of information e.g. contact address, e-mails or phone numbers posted on this site, to third parties is strictly prohibited. Necessary legal measures will be followed for persons or groups of persons who misuse our posted information.


This site has been created for the KSV Cottbus e.V. Policies regarding the use of our site and e-group are internally written by us. It is advisable to read our internal policies in order to keep our site safe.

Design and layout: Oscar/ Moza


Our website is subject to continuous control and update of content. It can not be excluded despite the greatest care, that information is distorted or incorrect. A liability for the contents can not be assumed. Moderators are responsible for the information management on this site.